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Customer Centricity

Reinventing the customer experience from the inside out:

How to Supercharge Your Business Performance


Customer experience is becoming more than just a topic confined to the marketing department. It is the new playing field in a marketplace where products are increasingly looking the same. Innovative firms are launching customer experience departments to create guidelines and drive real change across the organization, from marketing, sales and customer service, to product development, the leadership team and beyond. How can your organization ensure a business-building customer experience?

Business leaders know that a strong customer centric organization that drives superior customer experience is the new competitive advantage that will drive future success.

This program explores how reinventing customer experience in the context of strong customer centricity offers a proven path to customer satisfaction, retention, advocacy and sustained sales growth. It examines the customer experience process and how business leaders can strengthen their own customer culture and
influence that of other organizational functions. It provides a roadmap for you to get there. You will gain the tools and skills necessary to lead your team along the business building customer experience path, measure your progress and increase your team’s performance. Through presentations, interactive case examples, and team project work, you will learn how to map the customer experience touch-points and align your team to attain stronger customer-centricity. Case
studies from a variety of industries feature real-world examples of the experiences of other businesses and marketing teams that have taken the customer experience path.


  • Learn how customer centricity creates superior customer experience
  • Learn how to measure and evaluate your organization’s level of customer centricity and the customer experience it delivers
  • Learn how to build a customer experience culture that delivers better business results
  • Build your business case for developing a more customer centric culture and better customer experience


Our participants’ experience has been that it is often beneficial to bring several members of their management or implementation team or
associates from other functions. Having the team experience the program together speeds implementation. To encourage this, teams of two
or more receive 10% off the cost of the program.


If you are an executive with the responsibility to initiate or enhance your company’s focus on its customers. Past attendees have included general or group managers, directors of strategic planning, heads of major functions, and senior marketing managers, as well as heads of customer experience.


This course has an average satisfaction rating of 4.94 on a scale of 1-5

“This was a fantastic workshop where you can really focus on your business an plan for a better future”

– Attendee from Intuit Corporation (Quickbooks)

“Very interesting and useful material that you can implement immediately”

– Attendee from Kaiser Permanente (Insurance)


Introduction, objectives and overview

How does customer centricity create superior customer experience?

  • What’s best for the customer is best for the business: the culture – customer experience – performance relationship
  • The 7 disciplines of the customer centric organization
  • How each discipline drives customer experience
  • Mapping customer experience: static, human and digital touch-points
  • Aligning customer experience culture with different strategies and business outcomes
  • Building the business case for customer experience

What is your Current Level of Customer Centricity and Customer Experience?

  • What your group looks like on the customer centricity MRI scan
  • Compare your MRI scan results with your workshop colleagues
  • Map your own customer experience profile
  • Assess your business unit or team’s strengths and weaknesses and their implications for your current customer experience strategy
  • Analyze the risks to your business in relation to potential erosion of customers, sales, profit margins and profitability
  • Evaluate important customer experience culture weaknesses in terms of typical behaviors

What is the Roadmap to Strengthen Customer Culture and Customer experience?

  • The roadmap to strengthen customer experience culture and processes
  • Customer experience tools and techniques
  • Making customer experience culture stick
  • Identify gaps in your supporting systems and functions
  • Identify landmarks and challenges inherent in implementation
  • Assess the effectiveness of key metrics and milestones that companies use to quantify and measure their success
  • Lessons from case studies of others that have done it
  • Use the 4 stage customer experience culture model to identify your priorities and build your business case
  • Apply tools and templates to measure the potential impact on profit, sales, ROI, customer satisfaction and new product success
  • Use customized templates to develop personal action plans

CEO, MarketCulture Strategies, Inc.

Chris Brown is an internationally recognized speaker and consultant specializing in helping marketers and customer experience managers profit from supercharging customer experience culture. Chris is the CEO of MarketCulture Strategies, the global leader in assessing the market-centricity of organizations and their degree of focus on customers, competitors and environmental conditions that impact customer experience and business performance. He is the co-author of a forthcoming book titled “Customer Culture Imperative: The 7 Disciplines of a Customer-Centric Culture and How to Get Them ”.

President & CEO, Executive Next Practices Institute, Managing Director, NextWorks™

Scott Hamilton is a globally noted business leader in the area of executive and organizational performance from entrepreneurial ventures to the Fortune Global 1000. Hamilton is the co-founder of NextWorks™, a unique advisory and research team that assists leaders turn their vision into unified, positive action. His globally based programs help executive teams build their internal organizational capability to innovate,
execute and produce extraordinary results. Hamilton is also the President & CEO of the Executive Next Practices Institute (ENPI), a research and forum-based association comprised of several thousand top business leaders (CEO, COO, CFO, Top HR, others). The forums are broadly known as “ENP” and the public sessions feature top thought leaders guiding highly collaborative sessions in the review of emerging trends, innovative techniques, and formulation of new strategies that move organizations “beyond the status quo”.

Hamilton is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences, trade associations and private company events.

SCHEDULE 8.00 – 8.30 a.m. Registration and Continental Breakfast8.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. Program (includes lunch, morning and afternoon breaks)
REGISTRATION email info@enpinstitute.comcall – 888.857.9722
LOCATIONS LA Employers Group Executive Center , 400 Continental Blvd El Segundo, CAOrange County 32 Discovery, Irvine, CA 92618
DATES ORANGE COUNTY, CA, Wednesday October 9, 2013LOS ANGELES, CA, Thursday October 10, 2013
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PRICING ENP Member Special Pricing $195
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