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Leadership Charisma

Nine Levers for Increasing Your Executive Presence

This session will be presented and hosted at GALLUP HQ in Irvine, California

*limited to 18 participants

We’ve all seen brilliant ideas lost and careers kicked to the curb because an otherwise smart person can’t make a compelling connection with important people around them. If you don’t have that commanding spark that persuades others to believe in you and follow you, you may never reach your full potential as a leader.

The Advanced Program in Leadership Charisma & Executive Presence helps business executives become charismatic. You will rapidly learn practical ways to increase your powerful impact, ability to lead and capacity to be authentically inspirational. Ms. Burnham, called “riveting” and “life-altering” by those who have heard her speak, explains how charisma is a learnable skill, and offers a system of nine real-world levers to increase your confidence, develop and expand your skills, and ensure your ideas and vision are quickly heard and followed.


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