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Within the first 100 days of a new assignment, project or role, I would expect to:

  • Forecast my contribution of value to the organization and its stakeholders.
  • Clarify & communicate goals and expectations for performance.
  • Design plans, projects and actions that directly support profitable organizational and team/individual growth.
  • Begin implementing the plans in a measurable and visible way.

Assess Plan Execute
Pre-launch Personal brand “promise” Targets Communications Internal team assessment Influencers Craft your vision Brand “statement” Communications channels Feedback loops Contribution – how will you measure success Research: You’re in Charge – Now What (Neff and Citrin) The First 90 Days (Watkins) Strengths Finder (Rath) Complete 100 day “strawman”
40 Days Listen the act What do you want to keep? What do you want to change? What do you want me to do? What are you afraid I will do? Assess the team Solidify, clarify strategy Speaking coaching Culture alignment Political landscape – influencer map Craft strategic agenda Assess and stage your team Master communications plan Prioritization matrix Communicate expectations in a measurable way Speaking engagements Image forecasting 360 Assimilation Meeting (3rd party orchestrated) Watch for culture traps
60 Days Velocity (speed with direction) Build emotional commitment Align to the highest value initiatives Active measurement of performance Visible, tangible results Watch your shadow brand VOC Stakeholder communication (state of the union address) Balanced scorecard (a real one) Early success celebrations

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