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Executive Next Practice Institute Partners with CapStack West

New sources of capital as well as identifying and acquiring innovative companies to build value as well as expert advisors for middle to large market leaders

IRVINE, Calif. June 12, 2017 – The Executive Next Practices Institute (ENP Forums- ) announced today their strategic partnership with CapStack West.  ENP is an established research and collaboration forum comprised of FORTUNE 5000 C -Suite executives. The organization meets nationally and internationally to review “first look” innovations in business and leadership strategies to help their members move “beyond the status quo”. The organization is based at the University of California Irvine, Center for Applied Innovation.

CapStack West (, the private social business capital community, built to simplify and automate the process of capital deployment, protects the ENPI members privacy while they are looking for capital or acquisitions. With access to over 20,000 capital providers, 174,000 C-level leaders, the community delivers great access for ENPI members. 

In addition to the social functionality of CapStack West, ENPI members receive a significant discount off the one hundred dollar monthly subscription along with the ability to post in the CSW (CapStack West) news feed to update the capital market with highlights.     

“We realize every company needs capital whether it’s debt or equity, throughout their life cycle. And we know that the business capital market is desperate, especially since funding options tend to be siloed into specific equity or debt models. CapStack West, socializes all types of capital, accelerating capital deployment. We consider them truly a next practice.”   Scott Hamilton, CEO of ENPI

The CSW platform is private; capital requestors are only seen by the matched capital providers. Providers stay private as well, walled off from the constant barrage of calls and emails from requestors.  Both have direct access to posting content to bolster their offerings.  CapStack West does not charge success fees and members can put their membership on hold once funds are secured. They can reopen their profile, change the type of capital and amount, and raise again and again, throughout their corporate lifecycle.

“Building strong partnerships with associations like ENPI, supports our growth while returning a much-needed service to their middle market companies. We are excited by the potential both organizations will receive through our close relationship.”  Ken Hubbard, CEO-CapStack West




The Executive Next Practices Institute (ENPI) is an established mastermind organization comprised of Fortune 5000 C-level and top functional leaders (CEO, CFO, CMO, HR, CIO, Board Directors) who meet to discuss innovative business and leadership strategies. Roundtable sessions are held with a strict non-solicitation policy to encourage leaders to interact, engage and think collaboratively, and to ensure maximum relationship-building. The group follows a “next practices” development method which discards the status quo in favor of a more effective and relevant approach to today’s business problems and tomorrow’s solutions. For more information on the ENP, contact Executive Next Practices Institute President, Scott Hamilton, or call 888.857.9722.


CapStack West is a private social community built specifically to accelerate the deployment of capital.  CapStack West delivers a true social community experience for companies looking for equity or debt as well as capital providers deploying all types of funds.  CapStack West is a subscription platform not charging percentage-based, success fees. The platform includes deal management, group and private video/audio/text chat, calendaring, content posting, experts, services and target advertising.

For more please contact:

Scott Hamilton, CEO, ENPI

888.857.9722 or