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Mastermind Groups

Exclusive Master Mind Groups for CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, & CMOs
Leading in Turbulent Times Requires Targeted Strategic Actions

The Master Mind teams will take ENP Forums process to a deeper level using a top-level facilitator and expert guests. You will build your leadership through knowledge, relationship and collaboration.

  • Master Mind team insights and learning’s will be shared at our ENP meetings
  • We will have experts join each group as quarterly topics require
  • We will have representatives from each group join the other groups to share their perspectives
  • We will add Master Mind groups as needs emerge




Paul David Walker,
Founder & CEO of Genius Stone Partners

Paul David Walker was part of building the first leadership firm to align Strategy, Structure and Culture, and has been a business leadership adviser to the CEO’s of Fortune 500 and midsized companies for over 25 years. He is the author of Unleashing Genius: Leading Yourself, Teams and Corporations, and two other books. He has succeeded by unleashing the genius of the people around him and is known to be a visionary leader and master of collaboration. Paul brings a special energy that calms people and brings teams together. He has been, and is, mentored by some of the most profound philosophers and spiritual leaders of our time. 888.857.9722

Scott Hamilton,
Founder, Executive Next Practices & CEO of Align

Strategy architect and business/workforce alignment expert. Scott works with global to local organizations to help them better align initiatives and actions to highest business value- by building the capability and contribution of their internal resources. He is the creator of several proprietary programs, such as AllignMaps(tm), LineofSite Scoreboards,Next-Practices and Customer-InSync which accelerate the execution of business objectives. The Allign team works with executives to translate their vision into unified, effective and engaged action. Scott is a frequent keynote speaker to C-level, association and trade conferences and he is chairman of the Executive Next Practices Forum. 888.857.9722


Each half or full day meeting will be topic based and contain the following elements.

  1. Peer sharing and insights for the previous month
  2. Member problem solving around specific business issues with peer input
  3. Expert presentation and dialogue around selected topics
  4. Practice assignment to be worked on between meetings

While each group will work together to determine the types of topics and expert dialogues they would like to have, the following represent suggested topics.

CEO Master Mind: Discovery and Rapid Implementation of new strategies

  1. Knowing or knowing how to find the answer to business strategies for today
  2. Compelling communication of the right strategies to the team and market
  3. Developing the wisdom to know the difference between the right answer and your fears and hopes
  4. Building a High Performance
  5. Leading the board of directors
  6. Finding financial resources
  7. Leading “In The Zone”

CFO Master Mind: Being and being recognized as a strategic CFO

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  1. What is the strategic CFO?
  2. Becoming part of the strategic team
  3. Dealing with risk prone CEO’s
  4. Stimulating risk adverse CEO’s
  5. The man in the middle, between the CEO and the Board of Directors
  6. Knowing the business and the market
  7. Becoming the natural choice replace the CEO

CIO Master Mind: Becoming the strategic partner to the team

  1. Being at the executive table for strategic discussions
  2. Synchronizing business needs with the latest technology
  3. Becoming a strategic partner with each business
  4. Bringing relevant data to the management team
  5. Security of data vs. convince of use
  6. Systems to fit the existing and future size of the company
  7. Leadership skills for CIOs

MO & Strategic Marketing Master Mind: The strategic approach to creating value

  1. Engaging the Organization in value-based marketing
  2. Defining your organizational and product/service value propositions
  3. Expressing brand and messages based on value strategy
  4. Align marketing messages and media with sales process
  5. Building customer engagement through strategic social media
  6. Manage marketing investment through media selection
  7. Leadership skills for CMO’s

Investment and Process

Members – Monthly Half Day Meetings $480/pm 6 Month Commitment
(6 Monthly Payments)
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Non – Members – Monthly Half Day Meetings $570/pm 6 Month Commitment
(6 Monthly Payments)
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