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Enterprise Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Workshop

May 17, 2017
( UCI Center for Applied Innovation )


For the last few years blockchain and distributed ledgers technologies have been studied and tested by academic institutions, researchers, and companies of all sizes. The capabilities that distributed ledger technology affords to many organizations are only now being realized. In August of 2016, the World Economic Forum published a report about how: “Blockchain Will Become ‘Beating Heart’ of the Global Financial System.” Like the internet itself, these technologies are not designed to be run with in a single organization; but rather to solve problems and create opportunities among organizations. Overview:

Description: This 4 hour course will provide participants with an in depth business overview of blockchain and distributed ledgers technologies (DLT), allowing them to make strategic to tactical decisions about the applications for their business.

Intended audience: Multi-disciplinary audience including business leaders, product managers, attorneys, strategists, designers and technologists.

This course introduces the DLT ecosystem, key DLTs, their goals, challenges and actual use cases. Additionally the course will include several hands on exercises with cryptocurrency and a ‘smart contract.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and related goals and challenges
  2. Get hands-on exercises with cryptocurrency and “smart contracts”.
  3. How to integrate blockchain/DLT into your company strategy.

This course includes all materials- workbook, handouts and related coursework material. Refreshments provided



Rees Morgan, CEO Qubechain.  Rees is regarded as a top expert in Blockchain. He is the founder of Qubechain, LLC and is a sought after speaker in the field for over 30 years.

Robert Schwentker, Founding President of Blockchain University. Robert has educated over 700 entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, and inspired over 70 blockchain projects in the US, Brazil, India and Japan. He serves to Cisco’s Innovation Lab



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