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Board of Boards – Disrupting and Enhancing Board and Director Effectiveness June 22nd NextWORKS Strategy Workshop

8am - 11:30am
June 22, 2018
( UCI Applied Innovation 5141 California Ave Irvine, CA 92697 )

For Boards – an outside, advisory board that supplements (10X+’s) an internal board’s experience, wisdom, resources, independence, and oversight to create value beyond internal limitations and experience.

  • Power of outside advisory board experience, and financial, strategy and governance templates/protocols, Includes baseline TSR Metric
  • Shadow board/directors, CEO and coaching, mentoring, screened and accountable resources focusing on strategy, risk, execution, talent and value creation every 90 days.
  • Access to resources, rolodex’s, service providers/advisors 
  • Sounding board and oversight process whose purpose is to create massive organization value without the time/cost to create/build/maintain an internal board.

Criteria for Boards

  • Successful middle market company with above average potential
  • Owners, board and executives see value of enhanced board process and effectiveness
  • Demonstrated willingness to execute agreed upon strategies to increase value
  • Willingness to share the rewards of value creation
  • Teachable, open and committed to changes that will create long term value.
  • Open to collaboration from others.

For Directors – opportunity to help a number of boards without fiduciary or board membership requirements

  • Limited liability and commitment
  • Opportunity to help create massive value
  • Potential fees for providing 3-hour monthly/quarterly meetings and other services
  • Potential for addition fees/equity as shadow director/consultant
  • Work with 5-10 boards
  • Possible board positions

Criteria for Directors

  • Directors are selected for experience, success track record, compatibility, integrity, professional background, etc.
  • Track record in helping organizations grow and prosper
  • Collaborative, team oriented with stand up confidence and ethics
  • Commit to helping companies/boards move to the next level as part of an oversight, trusted advisor system.
  • Excellent communication and relationship skills, easy to work with
  • Highest level of personal and professional ethics

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