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The Digital Director Talent Gap -Technology Expertise and Advocates in the Boardroom

A New Rhythm & Alignment to the C-suite to Match the Pace of Disruption

8:00am check in 9:00am-11am program
April 19, 2018
( UCI Applied Innovation 5141 California Ave Irvine, Ca 92697 )

Few boards have enough combined digital experience to have meaningful conversations with senior management. Only 116 directors on the boards of the Global 300 are “digital directors” (McKinsey, 2017). Further, only about 5% of boards have technology committees and just 16 percent of directors said they fully understood how the industry dynamics of their companies were changing.

Featured Speakers:

Highly collaborative session with your C-suite and Board peers from Middle to Large Cap Enterprise Companies:

  • Hiring a Digital Director- opportunities and landmines
  • The new Technology Core Competencies of Board members (Start-ups to Large Caps)
  • Pace, alignment & mix of digital initiatives for Boards

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