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Lauren Ellermeyer

Lauren Ellermeyer, co-founder and director of account development for Beyond Fifteen Communications, is an accomplished public relations specialist known for her ability to blend traditional public relations campaigns with trendsetting new ideas to keep her clients ahead of the game.

A review of Ellermeyer’s career would reveal two defining qualities—a true spirit for entrepreneurialism and a passion for taking her clients to the forefront of the media and allowing them to shine. In-the-know and enthusiastic, Ellermeyer’s ideas are forward-thinking and progressive.

With well-nurtured media relationships, targeted yet creative pitching techniques, and a mastery of the evolving world of social media—Ellermeyer guides companies into the media spotlight, generating well-deserved recognition on their behalf. She is fluent in Spanish and possesses the uncommon ability to blend mainstream English media campaigns and tailor them to the unique needs of the Spanish media market. A connector at heart, she also belongs to numerous networking groups and boards enjoys connecting people to people with shared passions.