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John Wentworth

John is the practice leader for Recruiting, Selection and Performance Solutions and the founder of The Wentworth Company, Inc. / Wentworth Recruiting.  John came to ENP’s notice and was recruited to  be a practice leader because of his unique, groundbreaking and proprietary quantitative candidate and employee measurement tools.  These tools, created by The Wentworth Company, are designed to improve the quality of hiring decisions, the effectiveness and durability of hires as well as increasing the measurable impact of performance management and succession planning.

The Wentworth portfolio of services includes a unique, innovative and science-based approach to recruiting.  Wentworth delivers candidates carefully screened against 50 criteria and delivers the precise information needed to make successful, sustainable hiring decisions.  Wentworth’s leadership includes former Vice Presidents of Human Resources, a PhD Psychologist and a JD.

John is responsible for the formation of think-tank type activities designed to push the application of analytic tools into Human Capital Management.  These include the establishment of a university-based Human Capital Management Institute, including a research program, university-level courses, seminars and small-scale seminars that make the benefits of talent analytics accessible to a broader audience.

Wentworth’s business model is unique, having been designed around what clients need.  Their fees, for instance, vary depending on the difficulty of the recruiting.

John founded The Wentworth Company in 1984 and has, since then, has helped 550+ employers hire over 20,000 new employees with a 90%+ success rate (job filled, on-time, on/under budget).    John worked in HR management at Carte Blanche, Mattel and TOSCO before he introduced on-site contract recruiting to Southern California in the early 80’s.

John has also served as the President of the Port of Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners, was a founding commissioner of the City of Los Angeles Taxicab Commission and was, for three years, the president of InfraGard Los Angeles, a FBI-private sector partnership that focuses on the protection of America’s critical Infrastructure.  John was also the 28th diver signed on to the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific’s volunteer dive team.  He later became a scientific diver for the Aquarium.  He has sat on a number of other boards, including, today, the Duke Media Foundation, an outgrowth of actor/director Bill Duke’s commitment to train disadvantaged youth in media and financial literacy.

John is a Viet Nam combat veteran, having served with the First Cavalry Division during 1968-69.