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Jeffrey Knakal

Practice Orientation

Should you require advisement, guidance or execution assistance in regard to 1) taking your business to the next-level, understanding your company’s spectrum of development opportunities and the optimal modification option, identifying acquisitions, and modeling synergies, etc., 2) determining the optimal timing and form of a liquidity event, understanding the pluses and minuses of different types of alternatives, diversifying the wealth of the owner(s), developing a definitive exit plan, etc., 3) understanding the topography of the capital market, inclusive of gaining insight into which form of financing or capital might be optimal, raising financing or capital, etc., and 4) obtaining a valuation of your company, developing an understanding of the key value drivers and value detractors, gaining a sense of the marketplace’s sentiment regarding value, etc., then please contact the Practice Leader.

Leader Background

Jeffrey Knakal is a well-experienced C-Suite advisor having worked with Fortune 100, Fortune 500, middle market and lower middle market companies over his career. Jeff founded Growth Partners in 1994 to provide a next-generation offering to C-Suite executives based on the integration of strategic engineering and investment banking. The firm specializes in the entire continuum of value management, via “Value Creation” and “Value Realization” activities based on a turnkey set of M&A, capital formation and strategic development capabilities. Growth Partners is thought to be the only resource of its type domiciled in Southern California

Value Creation pertains to defining and executing the optimal modification to a client’s offering or model to create greater Enterprise Value and wealth (Jeff founded two $100 million companies based on horizontal integrated theses and acquisitions). Jeff is considered a center-of-expertise and a developer of new best practices in regard to building companies. Value Realization pertains to determining the optimal time for, and optimal form of a liquidity event, and then executing the transaction in a manner to maximize the harvesting of existing (and future) value. Jeff has developed new best practices associated with the value realization function.

Prior to founding Growth Partners, Jeff had a distinguished career on Wall Street in New York building practices for JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse and Daiwa Securities. His experience is hallmarked by achieving a number of “first-time” transaction events for many Fortune 500 companies like Aetna and Colgate. Jeff has degrees from the Wharton School (Penn) and NYU (Stern School). He is an active speaker regarding an integral set of subjects for CEO’s and owners (the “Core-Four”), and has given presentations at MIT, Duke University, the Conference Board, Institutional Investor, Euromoney, the Strategic Research Institute, the Boeing Company, etc.