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Blockchain and the Implications for Business, Finance and Transactions

May 16, 2017
( ENP at UCI Center for Applied Innovation 5141 California Ave Irvine, CA )

The evening will be filled with education and take away actionable items.  It will start with a presentation addressing the following:

  • BlockChain fundamentals.
  • BlockChain in Healthcare, Fintech, & Insurance.
  • Can your company just monitor BlockChain from the sidelines?
  • How to lead your company’s transformation of current centralized operational and business models to distributed.
  • What does a BlockChain Discovery Group look like?

Current speakers:

Kang Hsu, QubeChain, LLC.

Rees Morgan, QubeChain, LLC.

Mr. Morgan is the founder of QubeChain, LLC. a SoCal incubated business focused around BlockChain.  He is a sought after speaker at conferences & events for over 30 years.  Working closely with ENP management, he has prepared a presentation specifically for ENP Institutes executive audience.  This is must attend event with actionable take away items for any executive.  Come and learn how BlockChain that is a distributed, trusted ledger architecture or system that, as the basis for new economic and business system design, is NOT a technology that will make today’s business operations better but will necessarily be the fuel for their demise.

Mr. Morgan graduated with BS in Computer Engineering followed by graduate studies at George Washington University. He began his employment career working for the CIA\Logicon in Langley Virginia followed by Microsoft Corporate in the late 1980s.  He first retired with his wife in 1996 just prior to his daughter being born followed by his son two years later.  In 1997 he, Founded Hudson Morgan Investments a private equity company with his partner Arthur Hudson.  Hudson Morgan Investments has made considerable investments in Technology, Real Estate Holdings, High-end home construction, Real Estate Development, Residential Real Estate Sales, Global Repair Parts distribution, Aviation, Staffing, Sports, and more.  Hudson Morgan Investments incubated QubeChain, LLC. In 2015 in its focus around the BlockChain ecosystem and is currently working in the Healthcare, Government, Consulting, and product development space.  He currently, and has in the past, held positions on several Board of Directors and Board of Advisor and has been the CIO of two publicly traded companies.

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